Explosives Trace Detection



► Friendly operation based on touch-screen with graphical user interface and minimal training required.

► High sensitive and flexible detection of a wide range of explosives and narcotics with updatable substance library.

► Analyzing and identify substances in 8 seconds typically.


NUCTECH TR2000DB is a narcotics and explosives detection device using trace detection technology based on the principle of ion mobility spectrometry.


Due to its high sensitivity and high efficiency, this device is widely used for dangerous goods detection in airports, seaports, border ports and crowd-gathered places, or used as a tool for forensic evidence examination and identification.


Technical Specifications

  Analyzing mode   Explosives & Narcotics detection in dual mode
  Analysis Time   8 seconds
  User Interface  10” touch-screen LCD
  Device Interfaces  USB / Ethernet / COM port
  Dimensions  340mm(L) ×325mm(W) ×233mm(H)
 Weight  11Kg